Science / Plant


The Kindergaten class is painting today! It might just look like another craft, but this is for science!! First off, everyone must paint their pots blue~

インターナショナルスクール アメリカンキッズ横浜

They’re so small, but they all paint so nicely!




インターナショナルスクール アメリカンキッズ横浜


Wait…are you sure this is for science? Everyone is picking out their own decoration foam. It’s so colorful!

インターナショナルスクール アメリカンキッズ横浜


Cute!! Now they have their own person plant pots!

インターナショナルスクール アメリカンキッズ横浜

Now here’s the science! After pouring soil into the pots, they got to plant their own mini sunflower seeds!


They got to take their new plants home to let to grow. Don’t forget to give it water and sunlight everyday!
“Good Morning, plants! Grow strong and tall! We love you!!”