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Children learn not only how to communicate, but also the importance of communication while exploring and expanding their subconscious abilities.
Our After School Classes are divided into different levels.
Those who are just starting to learn English will start in our Beginners course.To build a solid base, we have configured this course to start with the very basics, such as ABCs, phonics, simple phrases, and basic vocabulary.
They proceed through this well-structured curriculum which includes, like our baby class, all aspects of the English learning process.
With our more advanced students, we focus on them gaining a greater depth and understanding of the language. We aim for them to be able to communicate easily in day-to-day situations they may be faced with.

As with our other classes, students in Elementary begin with the basics of English, such as phonics, ABC recognition, knowledge of simple phrases and vocabulary for basic understanding. Our classes focus on being highly interacting which helps most students in elementary pick up the basics quickly and then move onto more advance concepts, such as reading, writing, and advanced communication.
All levels learn through singing and dancing, fun games and activities, arts and crafts, as well as participating in textbook and worksheet time.
Enrollment for our After School Classes start from once a week to everyday of the week, depending on the child’s needs.
All lessons are based on a fun and interesting curriculum for children of all ages. We have developed an original curriculum based off of an American curriculum used for native English speaking children in America. We find that this system is the best way to teach a language and gain fluency. We do not use standard ESL textbooks or drills to teach English; instead we encourage a more natural style of learning so that the students are able to express themselves more freely in English.

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