Baby Class with Mommy

The American Kids Baby Class allows children to learn the very basics of English from an early age. We believe hearing simple phrases over and over, from our American teachers and the parents themselves, helps them transition into speaking English comfortably. Children attend classes with their parents who are encouraged to participate in the activities and support their child’s English learning process. Children learn to enjoy English from a young age through singing, dancing, and playing games as well as gaining basic preschool concepts during textbook time. Lessons are fast-paced with activities being short and varied to keep the young child’s interest.

Many baby class members continue on to our American Kids Preschool, Pre-Kinder, or Afternoon lessons with a strong start. Starting your child off at a very young age with us at American Kids helps build a solid base and substantial understanding of basic English. We strongly recommend starting your child’s English learning process from our Baby Class if possible.

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  • Begin learning Basic English Vocabulary (e.g. colors, shapes, animals, food)
  • Begin learning ABC and basic phonics
  • Begin learning to communicate using basic English phrases
  • Begin learning basic motor skill activities for writing development
  • Enjoy the concept of learning English!

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