Trial Lesson

We offer a variety of trial lessons depending on which program your child is looking to enroll in.
We strongly recommend joining us for a trial lesson before enrolling to ensure we can find the class which best suits your child’s needs. We provide our standard trial lesson, a 4 hour trial lesson, and a 5 day trial lesson. Certain trial lessons are only for specific classes; you will find which trial lessons can be applied to which classes below.

Standard Trial Lesson

Our Standard trial lesson allows your child to participate in classroom activities for 50 minutes with their peers. This allows them to envelope themselves in an “English only” environment and see how much fun learning can be! We allow a parent/guardian to watch their child engage themselves in the class using their English. During this time, we will answer any questions you may have as well as explain a little more about our school.
Our standard trial lesson is available at 1,500yen. If the child is enrolled in the school within a week of their trial lesson, that fee may be applied to the entrance fee.

* Please bring socks to wear during the trial lesson.
* We reserve the right to refuse enrollment after the trial lesson.
*Each child may only come in once for a trial lesson.

Time & Fee

Monday ~ Saturday   ¥1,500

5 Day Trial

We offer a 5-day trail lesson for our Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten courses. This trial lesson is 5 consecutive days to introduce your child to our classes and to inform you about our school. The trial is only 2 hours a day, much shorter than the normal program. In consideration for the children’s concentration and for them to fully engage in our classroom activities, we allow one parent/guardian to watch the lesson on the first trial day only. For level placement, children will spend the first day in our Pre-Kindergarten class. From their second day, children will participate in class on their own and will be checked for their level and adaptability.

The fee for our 5 day trial, like our standard trial, may be added towards their entrance fee if enrolled within two weeks of their trial lesson. Our 5 day trial is available at 15,000yen. Please note that our 5 day trial lesson is only for 5 consecutive days and once the application has been received, the fee is non-refundable.

Time & Fee

Monday ~ Friday  10:00 a.m. ~ 12:00 p.m.   ¥15,000
(Regular Lesson   9:20 a.m. ~ 14:20 p.m.)

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