International Preschool

Our Preschool course has been delicately designed as we believe it is the first and most important step towards becoming bilingual. Being the first group lesson away from Mom, kids are given the tools to build self-confidence and become comfortable, as well as independent, in the classroom setting.

Each day they are immersed in an English environment so they familiarize themselves with English.

Our Preschool course curriculum focuses on acquiring the basics. Using art, music, and games, kids are able to develop and establish the skills needed to make a smooth transition to Pre-Kindergarten and then Kindergarten. We focus on the needs of each child and gently encourage, supported, and given all the proper tools to advance to Kindergarten. This includes not only language skills, but also school rules and appropriate mannerisms they can apply to the real world.

-As with our other classes, our Preschool is English only and students are not permitted to speak Japanese.
-Prior to entering Preschool, children are required to have completed toilet training.
-The yearly calendar for our Preschool is the same as the calendar for our Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten courses.



Lessons are taught by American, native English-speaking teachers. Teachers only speak English when talking to their students. Children, as well, must only use English to communicate and express their thoughts (this includes conversations amongst their friends during lessons). We, at American Kids, strongly believe doing this plays a major role in getting children to naturally acquire exceptional English communication skills.


Daily Schedule

09:20 ~ 09:30
09:30 ~ 09:40
Free play
09:40 ~ 09:50
Circle time, Greeting
09:50 ~ 10:00
Sing a song
10:00 ~ 10:20
10:20 ~ 10:30
10:30 ~ 10:45
Cookie time / Story
10:45 ~ 11:00
11:00 ~ 11:30
11:30 ~ 12:00
Outdoor Activity or Inside Activity (Phonics, Games, Arts & Crafts, Free choice, etc.)
*Half day course 11:30 pick up
12:00 ~ 12:50
Lunch, Free play, Story time
12:50 ~ 13:10
Special Daily Activity
13:10 ~ 13:20
Circle time
13:20 ~ 13:30
Pick up time


☆Basic English Vocabulary (e.g. colors, shapes, animals, food)
☆ABC & Basic Phonics
☆Communicate using basic English phrases
☆Basic motor skill activities for writing development
☆Enjoy the concept of learning English!

Semester Fees

Registration Fee:55,000yen < 38,500yen AK Baby class >
・Tuition fee is expected 2 months prior to the beginning of each term.

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