About American Kids International School

What is American Kids?

American Kids is a school that conducts lessons using the American Kindergarten method and using the same materials that native speakers use abroad.

At American Kids, we are already teaching English to children from non-English speaking countries and raising bilingual kids.
We go beyond "learning" and spend everyday shooting for "a higher level of bilingual proficiency" using communicating tools to allow the children to spread their "English Wings" in the world.


The same method as American children

Children use the same method as American children, learning in everyday life and at school. They are not taught to translate from Japanese to English inside of their head, but to ‘experience and absorb through hands on concrete methods'. They are experiencing English in their everyday life and play.

We are a unique English school made up of many different areas.

There are many consonant and vowel sounds in English that don't exist in Japanese.
It is important to allow as many chances as possible to listen to English. That's why at American Kids, as shown below, we offer classes as young as just born, to Kindergarten-level, including a Pre-school Course and Pre-Kindergarten Course to prepare for Kindergarten Course.
Children over 3 that have passed the Pre-school and Pre-Kindergarten courses can join the Kindergarten program.