See what we're doing to maintain a safe space for your children!

During this hectic time, AMERICAN KIDS International School is happy to announce that we are OPEN! We remain open as an essential service to our loyal and devoted families. We have always taken pride on our ability to provide a safe and clean environment for your children. That being said, we have adapted and updated our protocols to take extra precaution during this time. Our classroom procedures are mandatory, and our teachers and staff have taken time out of their days to receive proper training and are reminded to enforce all regulations. We take the health of all our student’s very seriously and are determined to continue to provide a space you can feel confident leaving your kids at. We have listed some of the mandatory procedures and steps we are taking to ensure the cleanliness of our classrooms and the health and safety of our community.

Preschool NOW!

18 months ~ 3 years old

We are accepting students of ages 18 months to 3 years old to join our International Preschool course. Our Preschool course allows children to be immersed in an all-English environment where they listen to native speakers and interact in English all day.

Our Preschool course has been delicately designed as we believe it is the first and most important step towards becoming bilingual. Being the first group lesson away from Mom, kids are given the tools to build self-confidence and become comfortable, as well as independent, in the classroom setting.

Our focus when creating our Preschool curriculum was to ensure that your child learns English as children in America do. One of our top priorities is to build a strong foundation from a young age. We believe this plays a major role in how your child will use the English they learn.

2024 Summer School
at MM Portside Campus

This year, for our Summer School program, we will be starting a new, original program. We are mixing the “Summer School” and “Summer Fun” programs offered at most schools in the U.S.. The biggest difference between these two programs, in the U.S., is the amount of studying they do. By combining these two programs, we hope to create the perfect balance of having fun and improving their English abilities.



“Mini Study Abroad”
in your favorite place—Hawaii!!

You’ve thought about enrolling your child in a summer program at a local school, but when you get to the beach you always end up just letting your kids play in the sand. Give them something more! American Kids, an American-style school based in Japan that specializes in helping you raise bilingual kids, is opening a club in June! This Hawaii branch will give your children a better experience than what they'd get from local schools. This year, let your kids have more than just a learning experience, let them try a Mini Study Abroad with American Kids!

Trial Lesson

We offer a (consecutive) 5-day trial lesson for Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten courses. This is to introduce and inform you about American Kids. The trial is only 2 hours, much shorter than the normal program. In consideration for the children's concentration, one parent/guardian is allowed to watch the lesson on the first trial day only. For level placement, children will spend the first day in the pre-kindergarten class. From the second day, children will participate by themselves and will be checked for level and adaptability. (Please note that children may not always be able to enter the level of choice.)

Class Infomation

From Baby Class (beginning from age 0) to International Kindergarten (up to age 6), American Kids offers a full course from start to finish to help you raise bilingual children, filled with experience and achievement. Even after graduating from kindergarten, we offer many courses to match your own goals.


Application for Trial Lesson.

A 50-minute trial lesson is available at ¥1,500. If the child is enrolled in the school within 1 week of the trial lesson, that fee may be applied to the entrance fee.


The American Kids Baby Class allow children to learn the very basics of English from an early age. Children attend classes with their parents who are encouraged to join the activities and support the child's English progress. Children learn to enjoy English from a young age, through singing, dancing, and playing games as well as gaining basic pre-school concepts in textbook time. Lessons are fast-paced with activities being short and varied to keep the young child's interest.

International Preschool

Our preschool course is designed as the first and most important step towards becoming bilingual. As the first group lesson away from Mom, kids are given the tools to build self-confidence and become comfortable in the classroom setting. Each day they are immersed in an English environment so that they may familiarize themselves with English.

International Pre-Kindergarten

This course is geared towards children who are planning to transfer to the Kindergarten Course. To prepare for American Kids Kindergarten Course, children spend a long 5 hours each day naturally acquiring the English level needed to advance. Lessons are taught by a native English-speaking teacher, and course curriculum runs very close to the Kindergarten course. Using art, music and games, children naturally acquire English basics, at the same time, improving their concentration ability and endurance.

International Kindergarten

American Kids Kindergarten Course aims to make kids bilingual. We teach children to naturally think in English, like American children. Children learn to speak English comfortably and we help them improve to native or near-native level. We then continue to help not only to maintain that ability, but also improve English levels as children grow older. For children that show exceptional language ability, we aspire to raise these children to be able to live in English, acquire English, and also learn about English manners, discipline and become a real and true international person. In order to teach a child to naturally think about things and speak English, it is important to introduce your child to an English lifestyle as early and for as much time as possible..

After School Class

Beginners in the Prep Class and Kindergarten classes start with the very basics such as ABC, phonics, simple phrases and basic vocabulary.
They proceed through a structured curriculum, which includes like baby class all aspects of the English learning process.

Advanced students gain a greater depth and understanding in the language with the aim being to communicate in day to day situations.

Enrichment Program

The American Kids Enrichment Program is a unique after-school program for high level Elementary school age students wanting more than regular English instruction. The program covers a wide range of learning centers such as language arts, computers, mathematics, social studies and dramatic arts. The American Kids Enrichment Program is open to any students who have successfully completed the AK Kindergarten program and are at a level equivalent to (or higher than) their age level within the US national curriculum system.
The program is also open to non -AK students who are of an advanced English level. Native speaking children and returnees are also welcome to join the course as a supplement to their current schooling.

Saturday Class

Saturday classes, just like our Hawaii campus, are a combination of indoor and outdoor activities. Like our Kindergarten Summer School (Course B), Indoor Activities allow children to learn and use English while they play. While your child acquires native English, they have the chance to experience English in a wide variety of situations. Your child will naturally improve their conversation skills by interacting with kids of all ages and all English levels, including near-native English speakers.

Saturday Kindergarten

Saturday Kindergarten is an opportunity for students who attend Japanese kindergarten during the week, to study in an English environment. Saturday Kindergarten curriculum is a condensed version of the curriculum taught in our weekday kindergarten. Each class is a long 5 hour immersion in an English only environment where they can learn naturally through interaction and experience. They communicate with friends and a native English teacher during fun activities and games where they can learn to use natural English.