International Kindergarten

Our American Kids Kindergarten course aims to make kids bilingual. We teach children to naturally think in English, like American children. With our native English speaking teachers, children learn to speak English comfortably as we help them improve to a native or near-native level. We then continue to help not only to maintain that ability, but also improve their English levels as children grow older. For children that show exceptional abilities in their non-native language, we aspire to raise these children to be able to live in English environments and acquire necessary English as they grow. We also focus on learning English manners, discipline and becoming a true international person able to adapt to different cultures. In order to teach a child to naturally think and speak in English, we believe it is important to introduce your child to an English lifestyle as early and for as long as possible.

In our Kindergarten course, children spend 5 hours a day in an English only environment with friendly teachers. Children naturally acquire the English language and communication skills by communicating with their teachers and their everyday living experience.

*Our Kindergarten course is conducted entirely in English, so a certain level of complete English ability and general understanding is necessary. Children are encouraged to enter after they complete learning the basics in our Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten courses.
(We accept transfer students or will provide an Entrance Level Check)

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Daily Schedule

Free play
Circle time, Greeting
Sing a song
Cookie time / Story
Outdoor Activity or
Inside Activity (Phonics, Games, Arts & Crafts, Free choice, etc.)
Free play
Story, Quiet time
Special Daily Activity
Circle time
Pick up time

Daily Curriculum

  • LANGUAGE (reading, writing)
  • MATH (patterning, graphing, sorting, calculating, geometric shapes)
  • ARTS & CRAFT (painting, coloring, creating with clay)
  • ACTIVE PLAY (rhythm, balance, coordination & movement)
  • DRAMATIC PLAY (role playing, using their imagination to play make-believe)
    - Fine motor skills (beads, lacing, puzzles, peg boards, marble mazes, etc.)
    - Large motor skills (blocks, building, basic movements, etc.)

Throughout the year, we will combine these subjects, making a comprehensive learning schedule. All of these lessons are conducted in English and have an effect of not only an improvement of English ability, but also a huge impact on study skills.

* As already proven in elementary and nursing schools in America, the most noticed learning method is the synergistic effect of studying subjects in a foreign language. This method is also being analyzed at regular schools. This effect does not only occur while studying English, but shows excellent results with any language.


At the same time, we offer a sustained learning level of an American Kindergarten, and follow-ups on everyday life English in a Japanese environment. Our curriculum focuses on as much interaction in English as possible; this, of course, includes normal, everyday conversations (including inside the house) and communication between teachers and their peers. We help raise kids like American children, teaching them: respect, sharing, responsibility, independence, and self-confidence. We specifically teach children to have self-confidence and a sense of responsibility from an early age. This helps them obtain the ability to clearly express themselves using their words.

Special Program

Birthdays・Valentine’s Day ・St. Patrick’s Day ・Easter ・Mother’s Day ・Father’s Day・Halloween party・Thanksgiving ・Christmas party  etc.

Throughout the year, we incorporate special parties and events such as Christmas and Halloween parties into our regular lessons. These are memorable events that all the children look forward to all year. These events let children experience each season through the eyes of an American and real-life situations. It’s also a great chance for them to apply the things they’ve learned in their everyday lessons to interact with one another!


We also offer computer lessons where they can implement their English abilities to use the computers. Children of ages 2 or 3 play educational games or interact with stories, learning colors and shapes, phonics and basic computer usage. From the age of 4, students start using the internet to look up information.

Semester Fees

Registration Fee:220,000 yen [110,000 yen for students currently enrolled in our Pre-Kindergarten course]
・Tuition fee is expected 2 months prior to the beginning of each term.

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