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Saturday classes, just like our courses offered in Hawaii, are a combination of indoor and outdoor activities. Like our Kindergarten Summer School (Course B), we include both indoor and outdoor activities to allow children to learn and use English while they play. While your child acquired native English, they have the chance to experience English in a wide variety of situations. Your child will naturally improve their conversational skills by interacting with kids of all ages and all English levels, including native and near-native English speakers. There are also students attending International Schools joining in our studies, making our program fuller and more diverse than ever!

We incorporate activities that can’t be fit on weekdays.

During lessons, in addition to using worksheets to improve their academic level, we have fun with Indoor Activities such as crafts, cooking, science experiments, computer games and much, much more!
For our Outdoor Activities, we have fun with things like sports, exploring, social studies, and environmental studies. Going outside give our students a change to use their English in an everyday setting.

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