Field Trip/ Mitsubishi Minatomirai Industrial Museum

大好きなフィールドトリップ, 今日はみんなでMITSUBISHIみなとみらい技術館にいってきました

もちろん、トレインの運転は、事故もなく終わりました‼︎ 帰りの時間になっても みんな “まだ帰りたくないよ〜”


Today’s field trip was at Minatomirai’s MITSUBUSHI industrial museum.
Everyone got to experience a little bit how it would feel to be an astronaut in space! How exciting~ Everyone had so much fun, they all wanted to show their parents how much of a great time they had.

Not only that, they also learned a lot about many different things about space, the ocean, and even about energy!
There was so much to do and learn and experience, when it was time to go, everyone said “Not yet! Can we stay a little bit longer, pleeease!”