St. Patrick’s Day Party

今日はSt.Patrick’s Day! Greenのものを身に着けてないと,ピンチされちゃうよ.

自分たちでつくったシャムロックのネックレスとレプリコンのハットをかぶって、Big Smile! レインボーのクラフトも、とってもかわいく出来てました.

ママと一緒にがんばってつくったお菓子をみんな,もってきてくれました .
緑の帽子,緑のネックレス,緑の洋服, 緑のお菓子と….. GREEN! GREEN!
GREEN! の1日でした!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today is the one day that you’ll get pinched if you’re caught without wearing green. But don’t worry, everyone in class today had more than enough green to share!
Our Kinder made cute shamrock necklaces and leprechaun hats, while Pre-Kinder made adorable rainbow crafts! All day, everyone was garnished with the spirit of St.Patricks!
With green decorations, green hats, green necklaces, green clothes, green snacks…..everything is GREEN!
However, I don’t think anyone saw a leprechaun come and visit so there was no pot of gold this year. Oh well! Next year!