Saturday Fourth of July Craft

Happy 4th of July!
Today, Saturday class celebrated the patriotic holiday by creating a special craft!
Let’s see what they made today~

First, everyone gets their own paper plates. Then just like the stripes on the American flag, they must use red paint along the edges.

Next, everyone writes “Happy Fourth of July!” on the center of their plates.
Now here comes the special part. They must use glue and draw their own design, however they want.


Once they glue, a teacher will then sprinkle on blue glitter!
Wow! It’s so sparkly~
Afterwards, they are able to choose their own stars and glue those on however they please.

So many different designs!!
Everyone is so creative.
The colors really look like the American Flag.

This is the finished product!
Wow! Everyone’s Fourth of July craft looks so good!
Each one is so different from the other.
Here’s to another great Fourth of July celebration!